Free man's hand writing on a paper

Why you should write

Ronald D. Walker

Why you should write. Discovery is the best reason. In the form of introspection and with an occasional epiphany. Sit at the keyboard and begin writing. You do not need an attitude of believing nobody wants to read your work. Your creating a manuscript should be for your own edification and entertainment and until it is published only you and whoever you allow can read it. Buy a USB storage device to save your writing after you save on one of the places you choose on the device you use. Many people work on PC, tablet or cellphone.

Why you should write may not be the same as another person. I am clueless about anything except a PC. If you wait until you feel you are ready to write, time will pass by and the opportunity with it. You have no idea what you may be capable of unless you begin, write, go back and make it better. You will learn to write, in your own distinct style. You will be a writer. Publish your finished work and you will be an author. Wrap your psyche in armor to deflect the naysayers.

Why you should write. People who have no knowledge cannot be held accountable for their opinions. It may be that one is born every minute of the day and the night. Rise above and let the happiness of your accomplishment flow. It is your property, not yet your masterpiece. That state is a boatload of work down the line. It is born line by line, hopefully not agonizing. Make it enjoyable for yourself and others will enjoy reading. Have fun to do it in your thoughts and make it your attitude and your life’s work. Who knows where it might lead?

Why you should write is no mystery. Only you are able to form the story you may publish. I labored long to publish thirty eBooks to prove why you should write including Rodeo Radiance Rodeo Reunion Rodeo Reimaged Summer Help Wanted Jon Bartleaux Joshua Joshua’s Way Jewella Crossing Kinsman Tribe Part One Kinsman Tribe Part Two Sherman Heath Never Too Late Decorated For Duty Mutual Transitions