With a finished manuscript

Ronald D. Walker

With a finished manuscript or even before you are finished with all of the processes, publish the work you have done as a protection. It is a simple process to publish at no charge on Smashwords.com
Smashwords makes publishing simple and easy. In essence Smashwords wants you to be successful and will give every help legally possible. That is not something that can be said in any other case that I know about. None. Smashwords will give a free ISBN for each of your published works. Smashwords allows you to download the original text from the book page, check for problems, make changes and resubmit. Archiving can be helpful. without a loss.

Without or with a finished manuscript. Sign up for my monthly communication that I will send when I have it organized. Your comments and questions will help me formulate what topics need to be discussed. We can have an old fashioned club with everyone talking, getting help and advice and giving help and advice. I like saving money. Doesn’t everyone? It may come from the collaborations. Everyone can be happy with a finished manuscript ready to be published.

With a finished manuscript ready to be published, Smashwords has very few requirements after acceptable formatting and a clean manuscript. Microsoft Word has been my savior in that regard, but I needed a lot of questioning and research to get the process working right. Instructions are free for your asking. Even a formatted text to help you begin is available from Smashwords. Corrections will be alerted and instructions of what the problem is and how it may be corrected will be highlighted on your listed eBook at the far right.

With a finished manuscript published on Smashwords, free gifting and discounting by use of a coupon is allowed. Unlimited use, but Mark Coker vowed to never take money from authors who publish on Smashwords.com, so no paid ads. I wish that could be done, but I believe it will not be. I have other thoughts about how we can have our work recognized by interested readers through collaborations and communications. No one will be successful without help of some sort or a pot full of good luck. Think about it happening, but do not depend on it happening.
Use the contact form on this website and connect with me for any valid reason.

If you know the path to follow and you can stand with a finished manuscript ready to be published, the only question is do you really really want to be a writer and become a published author? Start! Right now or what you might have accomplished will be lost forever, but do it correctly. You can have Word from Office 365 from Microsoft for nine dollars and ninety-nine cents plus state sales tax each month. Tax deductible. Everything you use in writing is tax deductible.
Start! Make the commitment and build a story and possibly a career.