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Works are like water

Ronald D. Walker

Works are like water. Stop and consider what the possibilities might be. A quote I have incorporated into my life work is from Samuel Clemons My works are like water. The great works are like wine, but everyone drinks water. Very few people can afford to drink wine as much as they are able to drink water. With that thought lodged in our understanding, what can we accomplish in our work. Does it give a better understanding of why everyone can be a successful writer and a successful author. They are far from being the same. Can a person write well and be terrible in taking action when the need to promote arrives? Absolutely. Does the thought of being less than a great writer frighten us? If you are like everyone who is fearful of leaving their comforts behind to venture into the world of other frail individuals, it will always be true. If you determine to be as good as you know you are able and lose your focus on the frail individuals, it will not be. Everyone drinks natural liquid and my writing is like natural liquid. Keep their attention on your story by writing what will please and captivate the people who drink water.

My works are like water. The audience I write for drinks water. My stories are unique. The people I write for drink water. My stories are interesting. The people I write for drink water and they enjoy reading unique and interesting writing. Everyone has the potential to have writing like natural liquid which may be purchased by people who drink natural liquid.

My works are like water has importance in SEO recognition. I cannot understand or attempt to explain the reasoning or need , but the key phrase limit of five visible times has been reached at this juncture of my writing this installment. My writing is like natural liquid and everyone drinks natural fluid is the only solution I could conjure as a replacement that might be understood by people who drink natural fluid in reading my disguised supplication. Changing the wording corrected the problem. I sincerely hope it is understandable for anyone reading this installment. The encouragement I initial intended seems to be overshadowed by stringent need in SEO ranking. You can write, publish and be successful to entertain people I consider to be normal people; people who do not have a motive of having a boosted ego. Those people should be pitied. Their cruel words are meant to hurt and cripple the person who is being assailed. Ask yourself what the possible reason might be, then take a deep breath and do nothing, such as being both shocked and appalled. Nothing good will come from the act being committed or anyone addressing or acknowledging the insidiousness or stupidity of the comments.

Works are like water can be written here because I changed the wording in what I wrote before coming to this point. How many ways can a sentence be structured? Even more important for those who write is the question of need for it to be done. Conveying thoughts depends on correct word placement and correct reading of the recipients investment. Therein lies the wonder of fiction, so close to being real, yet so close to being unbelievable. If it is not believable, fantasy has been conjured and understanding that fact gives license to the endeavor, with a warning to the reader. Rave on in your endeavor, if you enjoy doing it. That audience also drinks water. I feel I must do a bit of advertising of my previous writing to qualify as being correct in properly building this endeavor. I submit for your reading pleasure Decorated For Duty Sexy Assassin Jon Bartleaux Lovers Lies and Lilies Lovers Lies and Lilies Part Two Lovers Lies and Lilies Emilee’s Story Mutual Transitions Joshua Joshua’s Way Jewella Crossing Hurricane Bay Orange County Kinsman Tribe Part One Kinsman Tribe Part Two Summer Help Wanted Sherman , all original fiction written by the use of my imagination and my magic fingers.