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Your style of writing

Ronald D. Walker

Your style of writing may not be Beginnings are important for several reasons, especially the wording of a book. Use something to add interest for your reader. It should be something that grabs everyone’s attention, particularly yours. Tell your readers you have a uniquely interesting story. In my novel titled Joshua, I used a graphic describing Joshua’s predicament as being ‘First to move. First to die.’ Fiction is a building process exhibited from your mental journeys. I start with an idea and build on it. My first historical novel was born with a picture in my mind of a family partially comprised of seven toddlers and a Labrador Retriever mother with her eight weaning puppies.

Alice stood with her arm looped through Myra’s arm, “They are each their mother’s son. They are each one a mirror image of their mother. They are just like us.”

Jim rubbed his hands together, then clapped them, “No, guys. They are just like their fathers. They are the spittin’ image of us and they look and act just like us.

“No doubt about it in my mind; they are just like we are; only they are smaller; and younger. Wowee! Just imagine what they will be like when they are grown.”

Jenkins walked away from the group, moving toward the house and said in a whispered tone, “Heaven help us all.” The End

The end was the building block to the story of the richest man in America, missing for three years being discovered. The beginning for Mutual Transitions is: The old man lay on the ground, blood oozing from the gash over his left eye.

His assailant stood poised to strike again, when Craig stopped at the corner of the alley.

What happens next will be a surprise for the reader and hopefully interest will bring a desire to generate an action satisfying for both you and your reader.

The next great novel is somewhere in the convolutions of your imagination. A tedious but satisfying project for the writer in you. Immortality in a recorded work of fiction. The story is waiting to be written. There is no reason it cannot be your story.